Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar – Mj to his friends – likes to be called a student of science, society and sensibilities. He is currently pursuing his postdoctoral research in Physics in the University of Cambridge.

He calls Physics his first love and a path to the Truth. By this, he refers to the quest for knowing about the reality of physical phenomenon in our cosmos, for which Physics is a good tool for probing into the intricacies of nature. He has been working on Quantum Entanglement for his doctoral degree. In the past, he has worked on projects in Condensed Matter Physics, Astrophysics and High Energy Physics. He represented India at the First ASEAN Youth Science Summit in 2008. He has worked at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP), Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) – Kolkata, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Guwahati and in collaboration with the Solid State Physics Laboratory, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, in the past on research tenures and projects. He is also a former Science Olympiad and National Graduate Physics Examination (NGPE) topper from St. Stephen’s College, and a recipient of the prestigious Vikas Dhaka Scholarship for all-round excellence from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

He is currently doing a postdoctoral project in Physics under Nobel Laureate Prof. Brian Josephson, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, and is a postdoctoral affiliate of Trinity College, Cambridge. Having completed his PhD at 25 from the University of Cambridge, he looks forward to exploring Physics at greater depths in the future. His current work relates to studying the symmetries in physical systems and their correlation with entanglement patterns in these systems. This work, being done in collaboration with the Hitachi-Cavendish Laboratory, is all the more relevant given the industrial interest in the application of quantum entanglement in quantum computation. Mrittunjoy enjoys actively engaging with the world of science popularisation, policy and diplomacy, as much as pure research. He has worked actively with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and bodies such as the Cambridge University Science Policy and Exchange (CUSPE) and BlueSci – the science magazine of Cambridge University, in these areas, both in India and the UK. He was a recipient of the prestigious Nehru Bursary and Trinity-Barlow Scholarship by Trinity College, Cambridge. In the past, he has received the INSPIRE Scholarship by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, and the National Initiative on Undergraduate Science (NIUS) Fellowship by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). However the scholarships he most fondly remembers are the Walter Scott Nimmo and Saltire Scholarships that Prof. Peter Higgs helped him in receiving. Mrittunjoy has been a member of the Indian Physical Association (IPA) in the past.

In his time in Delhi and Cambridge, as a student, he has been multifaceted in his pursuits and interests. He was one of the top 50 poets featured by Poetree Foundation and has recited his poems in multiple platforms and poetry-reading sessions. He is a certified Hindustani classical singer as well, with affiliation to the Bhatkhande School of Music, Chandigarh. He has worked with a number of NGOs and international organisations working in human rights, healthcare, education and environment. These include Pratham, Voluntary Health Association of India, CRY India and STOP (Stop Trafficking and Oppression of Women and Children). He was also one of the signatories of the Joint Declaration by UNODC and UNW, as a representative of STOP (Stop Trafficking and Oppression of Children & Women), on the occasion of the founding of the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) platform.

As a student leader and activist, he has been a three time executive officer of the Cambridge University Student Union and Cambridge University Graduate Union. In the past he has been a General Secretary of the St. Stephen’s College Student Union (Society). He is currently the Chair of Executive Committee and Vice-President of the Graduate Union of the University of Cambridge. He is also a member of the Graduate Tutors’ Committee, Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee, Academic Standards and Enhancement Committee, University Research Ethics Committee, Accomodation Syndicate, Societies Syndicate and the Consultative Committee for Safety of the University of Cambridge. He has actively engaged with, and participated in, student politics over the years. Besides having been a Secretary on the Student Union of St. Stephen’s College, an international officer at the Graduate Union in Cambridge and a Campaigns Officer in the Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU), he also co-founded a student wing of the Democratic Party of the United States of America in Cambridge (Cambridge Student Democrats), and worked closely with the Labour and Liberal Democrats parties in the U.K. during and after the Brexit referendum. He has worked closely with erstwhile and current MPs for Cambridge Julian Huppert and Daniel Zeichner.

He was recently selected among the ‘35 under 35 UK-India Young Leaders’ (2018) at the first UK-India Young Leaders Forum, supported by the High Commission of India to the UK and Infosys. He has been on the national executive of the Bengali Hindu Adarsh Samiti (BHAS), an organization working with Hindu Bengalis in the UK. He is currently also the editor-in-chief of the The Bengal ChronicleHe has written on political issues, such as ‘Conservatism and the Welfare State‘ in journals and platforms such as Youth Ki Awaaz. Mrittunjoy was selected for the prestigious Young India Fellowship in 2015. Among other university societies, he has been a two-time co-president of Sakhya (Cambridge Friends of India), co-President of The Cambridge South Asia Forum and Secretary at BlueSci (Science Magazine of Cambridge University). In the past, he has been an Academic Officer at the Christ’s College MCR, and the Culture and Education Officer at the Cambridge University India Society (CUIS). He has worked as an international member of Amnesty International since 2014. 

Recently, he also worked with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India on best practices in teaching and learning, competency-based education and national curriculum framework for the country. He has also had media appearances (particularly in science popularisation) on national and international media channels such as Doordarshan and BBC. He likes to keep the twin mantras of ‘Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast’ and ‘Change is the only constant’ as his favourites and looks forward to contributing in whatever little way he can to society and mankind in the days ahead.